Australian Standard Self Storage Agreement:
SCHEDULE © v2 August 2020

Dolphin Storage (ABN: 71 416 532 503)
• 36 Fields Street, Pinjarra, Western Australia 6208
• 23 Cox Street, Pinjarra, Western Australia 6208



The Facility Owner named above (Facility Owner or FO), will send all correspondence, including any notices required under this Agreement, electronically by text to the mobile number above and/or by email to the email address above, unless the box below is ticked.


You must advise us within 48 hours if your address or contact details (or those of your ACP) change.


initially (fixed Period), and then extended automatically until the expiry of 14 days from the date that either the FO or the storer gives written notice to the other party of its intention to terminate this Agreement (Termination Notice Period).


The fees included in your online payment include your first month's rent and administration fee. Rent will be deducted from your account monthly until the expiration or your agreement and 2 week notice period.
Please Note: If, after the end of your agreement, the storage unit is not left in a satisfactory condition (according to clause 5(a) of the terms and conditions) you will be charged and additional $551 for cleaning, plus any addition costs incurred. Late Payment Fee: $15 applied 24hrs after due date.

1 - Cost includes GST.




  1. All fees are to be paid in advance by you, the Storer (clause 5).
  2. The Storer must not store hazardous, illegal, stolen, flammable, explosive, environmentally harmful, perishable or living goods or goods that are a risk to the property of any person (clause 10(b)).
  3. Unless specifically itemised and covered by insurance, the Storer must not store goods that are irreplaceable, such as currency, jewellery, furs, deeds, paintings, curios, works of art and items of personal or sentimental value and/or items that are worth more than $2,000 AUD in total (clause 14).
  4. The goods are stored at the Storer’s risk (clause 16). The Storer should speak to their insurer/insurance broker and ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for the Storage Period.
  5. The Storer must notify the FO of all changes to the Storer’s or the ACP’s contact details. (clause 10(j)). The FO may contact the ACP to discuss any default by the Storer and may request information from the ACP about the Storer and the Storer's location.
  6. The Space will be accessible during the hours notified by the FO from time to time (clause 10(a)).
  7. The FO may refuse access to the Space if any amounts required to be paid by the Storer under this Agreement are not paid promptly (clause 11).
  8. If the Storer fails to pay their storage fees, the FO will have certain rights which include retaining the Deposit and rights to seize and sell and/or dispose of the Storer's goods under both a general lien and a contractual lien over the Storer's goods (clauses 3(d) and 7(a)).
  9. The FO may enter the Space in certain circumstances (clauses 7,12, 20, 21, 22 and 29).
  10. Notices under this Agreement will be sent to the Storer electronically, unless the Storer indicates otherwise (clauses 24 and 25).


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