Combine your self-storage unit and your family home to make thousands of dollars.

Yes, you heard that right. Many are doing just that all year round, especially in Perth’s summer months, but most successfully, South of Perth from Mandurah to Halls Head to Bunbury to Busselton and in-between. Folks all over the state are already doing this, and you can cash in on this phenomenon too. Are you curious to find out more, then read more?

Clear out your family home of all your personal and precious items

Here’s how. Clear out your family home of all your personal and precious items and place them in a storage unit here at Dolphin Storage. Then rent out your entire home online with Airbnb or similar sites like Stayz at least in the summer months and make a small fortune. You can also rent out a couple of rooms and become a superhost. You can see what potential earnings you can make here.
You could stay with family, friends or stay in a hotel at a fraction of the cost and still make a fast and healthy profit. If you own two homes, the choice is obvious.


Holiday homes by the ocean or water demand high prices, especially in the summer months.

The demand for holiday homes is enormous.

Now is the time to do it! The demand for short stay holiday homes especially near the beach, lakes, and hillsides with a view are heating up. Superhosts are raking in between $4000 and $20,000 (Peppermint Grove beach) for ten-day stays around Christmas break, and they are getting it and more. Depending on the location and the quality, room size et for your home. Of course, there is a lot to account for if you take this on. For example, your guests will expect high levels of cleanliness.

You can find out more when you list your home at Airbnb or Stayz, and see for yourself what hosts are asking for their much sort after holiday rentals.

Airbnb holiday home prices along the coast of WA

Do your homework and add all the costs up before proceeding and the time it will take you. Read others’ experiences online. It is not for everyone.

The people of Western Australia are fortunate to experience large scale freedom of movement, with shallow cases of Covid 19. We can venture out to cafes and shopping centres also gyms, making holidays within WA enticing and popular. Unfortunately, this has pushed the prices up for Christmas holiday stays. Great for hosts with guests staying in WA for a holiday.

Make your holiday home stand out with bright fresh colors.

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