Peace of Mind First!

Your ticket is booked and you’re ready to take off on your long awaited overseas holiday of a lifetime and want to relax, unwind and let go off all your worries. You have your pet’s accommodation taken care of, your travel insurance paid, notified your family of your itinerary, organised someone to pick up your mail, but still that niggling feeling of what about my precious photos, picture frames and computers digital life. Even if your desk top computers and these precious items are insured, it won’t cover the loss of years and hours of creative time and emails, video vlogs and password. The loss can be enormous.

Temporary Storage

Have you considered packing up your greatest treasures and storing them while you are away. You have already posted your intentions and travel plans on Facebook for all the world to see and you know you are going to post your pics, and brag to your FB friends exposing yourself to the low life crooks (you know they are out there, Kim Kardashian – Paris, enough said). But you don’t have a 4-million-dollar ring?

No Recovery

Recently a friend, (semi famous You tube Vlogger) had his lap tops, digital camera gear, Go Pro Camera stolen.  Yes it was insured, below value, but it was his hours and hours of Vlogging that was gone, he had not uploaded it to You Tube yet, or his Facebook page. Dolphin Storage is an ideal way to hide away your belongings, while your away vacationing.

Wrap them in plastic, pack them up tight and safely in a cardboard box and bring them to us where we have lock up gates and 24-hour security cameras and don’t post it on Facebook. We have all heard of these horror holiday stories, where the house burned down while the family were away on vacation. Eliminate the chance of this happening to you, have the ultimate peace of mind while you are away enjoying your holiday.

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