The key to making your job easier when you are moving goods into storage is to be smart about packing those items effectively before you get to the storage centre. Whether the task before you is difficult or not, you can save yourself a great deal of time by using the right equipment, and following a few simple steps…

Files, Books, and Documents

Pack all financial records into appropriate archive boxes.
Place all books flat in small book/wine cartons or archive boxes.
Do not overfill the boxes so that they become too awkward or heavy to lift.


Do not place furniture directly on the floor, use plastic or material to cushion heavy items.
Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper separating them.
Place a cover over all furniture, especially sofa’s, recliners and anything of value.
Cushions should be wrapped in plastic.
Bed mattresses should be covered and stood on their end to maximise space.

Glassware and Breakable Items

Wrap all breakable items separately in tissue or packing paper, box and ensure they are marked “Fragile”.
Pack breakables in sturdy boxes.
Place packing in the top and bottom of cartons for added protection.
Place plates, saucers and bowls on their sides to prevent any breakage.
Empty space should be filled with packing paper.
Do not stack any heavy items on top of cartons containing breakables.
Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard or proper Picture/mirror cartons.

Ensure all electronic equipment is clean and dry before storing.
Sensitive equipment is best stored in the manufacturers packaging or other suitable cartons.
Ensure that items above or on top of electronic equipment will not fall down or damage the surfaces.
If storing a refrigerator or freezer, be sure that the item is thoroughly dry and clean to prevent moisture and mildew from damaging any of your valuables. Store with the door slightly ajar.

Clothing and Linen

It is best to store clothing and other materials in wardrobe cartons to protect them.
Use naphthalene or mothballs.

Metal Items

In order to help prevent metal items such as tools from rusting, wipe the item with a few drops of oil before storing them away.
Pack these items away from goods that may be stained such as furniture.

By following these sensible and simple steps when packing your items in preparation for storage, you can be assured that when it is time to retrieve your goods they will be free of damage, and ready for transport.  To maximise the storage space you are renting, make sure you box unusually shaped items and collapse anything that would otherwise take up too much space if left intact, such as beds, outdoor tables and trampolines; yes trampolines – you can store anything if you think about it!