10 ideas for storing collectables and large furniture pieces in a self-storage unit.

1. Wrap the furniture in breathable materials.

The best solution is to wrap the pieces in breathable material, such as moving blankets or something comparable, that will let air circulate. Wrapping them will also protect them from dust, dirt, moisture, and other elements.

2. Use pallets to help keep the furniture elevated.

Rather than setting the furniture directly on the ground, use pallets to help raise it off the ground and provide additional air circulation.

3. Utilise plastic or metal containers for small items.

To protect fragile items, such as delicate fabric on upholstered furniture, wrapping them in protective plastic or metal containers can protect them from damage or moisture.

4. Ensure that the furniture is completely dry before storing.

It is important to make sure that all furniture pieces, including cushions and tables, are completely dry before placing them in the unit. Not only can moisture damage the pieces, but it can also foster mould or mildew growth over time.

5. Stack the furniture pieces carefully.

It is important to stack the furniture pieces carefully, making sure to leave space between them. This will allow for more air circulation and protect them from bumping or rubbing against one another, which can cause damage.

6. Utilise a tarp to cover the furniture pieces.

To protect the furniture from moisture, dust, and dirt, and further to create an extra layer of cushioning, use a tarp to cover the pieces in the unit.

7. Place cardboard in between pieces.

If stacking multiple pieces on top of each other, it is a good idea to place cardboard in the spaces between them for extra cushioning and to help protect them from rubbing together.

8. Make use of other protective items.

For more delicate pieces, you may want to purchase other protective items, such as corner protectors, that can help to further protect the furniture from bumping or denting while in storage.

9. Shut the unit door securely.

It is important to shut the unit door securely to ensure that the environment in the unit is consistent. This will help to keep moisture levels low and will also encourage air circulation.

10. Here’s what to do for special items such as antique collectables.

Place all items for storage in boxes and add a layer of cushioning or paper to help protect items from any unexpected shocks during the move. Wrap all items separately in acid-free tissue paper and place them in sealable plastic bags or containers to keep out any moisture or other potential damages that could be caused by the temperature and humidity. Be sure to clearly label each item with a description of what it is and its approximate age. Lastly, clean the antiques with mild soap and a soft cloth before placing them in your storage unit; this will help protect the item further from dirt and dust that could accumulate over time.

These are 10 ideas for keeping large furniture pieces in a self-storage unit. Proper packing can help to protect your furniture from damage, mould, mildew, and other types of deterioration that can occur while in storage. Taking the proper steps now can help to ensure that the furniture remains in good condition while in storage.

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