Self Storage units are increasingly popular through the many stages of life. Have you ever wondered why others choose to store their items? Following, we look at the top 10 reasons why people choose to secure their goods with Dolphin Storage.

Business Use

In the recent years, business are often choosing to store equipment such as furniture, files, computers, stock and more. The cost of self storage has shown to be significantly less than upgrading to a larger commercial premise and doesn’t require business owners to enter into very lengthy leases. Click here to find out more about prices.

Frequent Traveling

Avid travellers and “jet setters” benefit greatly from knowing their valuables are securely stored. The peace of mind that comes with a self storage unit allows travellers to enjoy themselves as they visit the places they dream. Particularly bulky items can slow down your pace when travelling, so by storing them, you will see a great deal more!


We are all familiar with a thorough “clean out” to de-clutter our homes once in a while. While doing so, many items are often happily thrown away. However, we some times find items we would love to hold on to. In these cases, self storage units can offer a perfect solution. You will be able to clear your home of unwanted items, enjoying the feeling of a de-cluttered house, but still hang on to the items which are precious to you.


Searching for a secure self-storage unit is common when there is a need to downsize. It is possible that you do not have adequate space to fit it in all your furniture, but at the same time, doing away with them completely may not be a feasible option. So, there’s no better way than self-storage units. Trying out the various services offered by the storage unit rentals at Dolphin Storage can prove beneficial in such cases.

Moving Home

Shifting your living space is another such condition that may call for self-storage units. At times, you may have to leave your present home due to some particular reasons while the new living space is not yet in a position to move in. Many may start living with friends, family or in a temporary living space during such situations. However, carrying all your furniture into a temporary living space is impossible. Therefore, getting hold of a secure self-storage to keep all your furniture and personal items is the best possible solution.

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