Top 7 Tips when selling your home

If your are really serious about selling your home and ready to let your house go to a new owner, then following these 7 tips when selling your home will make the process a-whole-lot easier.

Where do I start?

Here are the top seven things I tell people who want to sell their homes. Before the seller’s market peaks, you can look at these to determine if you wish to do what you’re about to.

1. Repairing or replacing major items and appliances

Repairing or replacing major items and appliances makes selling the home cheaper. The less you have to rebuild after the sale, the cheaper it will be. Beautiful light fittings will add to the sale, not take away from it. Give picky buyers less to complain about.

2. Repainting your roof.

How old is your roof? Does it have mould or chipping? Is it cracked and leaking? The cheapest thing to fix would be a fresh coat of roof paint if your house roof is not damaged and only faded. It will give buyers something to talk about when seeing a beautiful new coloured roof.

3. Air Conditioning

You can do this before the buyer’s market peaks, but it will save you money. It is usually not going to cost $15,000 or more, and it should make selling your home more accessible. The cost is usually half of what you would pay for a new one. How much can you save? A new split system Air-conditioner costs between $500- $1,000. This will attract more buyers.

4. House painting and repairs

Are there dirty walls that are chipped and need filling and painting? Get it done before spring to get the house ready for selling. Is your fence missing a board, or is it rusted? Get the fence fixed or replaced before selling. What about your kitchen cabinets. Are they secure and not hanging off at the hinges. Fix them yourself or get a tradesman in to fix them.

Keep benches clean and tidy

5. Window Dressing

Plantation shutters are expensive; however, buyers love them, and they can give your home a major facelift adding value to your home. Even if you only add them to the main living area. If you cannot afford between $8,000 – $25,000AU, ready-made curtains would be a cheaper option to tidy up and make your home and make it presentable for sale.

6. Fixing your bathroom shower & bathtub,

If your bathroom floor looks nasty or broken, fix it before selling. Make sure the new buyers don’t have to look at a gross bathroom floor. Instead, get someone to come in and fix the shower floor before selling your home.

7. Cleanliness

You can do small things to help buyers see more of the beautiful colours of your home and brighten up the environment. Keep your lawn cut short and tidy. Keep your garage, driveway and porch clean. If you have a driveway with a deck and don’t clean the patio and deck, you will have buyers who don’t want to purchase your home. When selling your home, don’t leave things undone. Make it look as if you are selling.