Downsizing? Want a clutter-free home and keep your precious treasures.

Dolphin storage can help.

You might have noticed a sea of videos and articles available to help you declutter your home and adapt to the new minimisation trends. Despite this, many homeowners do not want to part with their precious heirlooms memories and treasures.

If you have been contemplating this dilemma, then moving your items to our self-storage units may be your answer. Letting go of the past, downsizing can be a challenging. However, when individuals see the benefits of not having to give away all their items, their stress levels are known to calm down also.

Finding a new home that suits you is half the battle. According to Corelogic March is the busiest time of the month for selling in Australia.

According to Corelogic (formerly RP Data), analysed sales volumes between January 2000 and December 2009 and found that March was the busiest month for both units and houses across Australia.

Are you ready to give it away?

You feel the joy and sense of freedom with your goal of moving while maintaining your sense of security. Knowing your precious items are safe and sound while you live in your new apartment brings peace of mind.

Let’s face it. We are not all Marie Kond fans. You may have a multitude of items that brings you joy! Permit yourself to be selfish. After all, you’re the owner.

You can spend time pad wrapping your special items, whether they be free-standing lamps or huge framed prints which won’t fit in the house.

Maybe you have a box of vintage clothes you cannot part with or deceased loved ones’ treasured wardrobe, a dining setting, lounge, or family box of photos and memories. or which brings you comfort or

You get to choose the time to leave the storage unit.

There may come a day when you’re ready to clear your storage unit and sell items and move on, but now is just not the right time for you. Listen to your own needs and wisdom, despite the well-meaning wishes of others.

Moving house and downsizing is a transition, which requires a lot of emotional and physical energy, so take your time and pace yourself.

The reason people store their stuff is that they care about it, and everyone is different. Some people will keep their storage unit for half the time they rented it, and others will keep it for years. Set and forget and come back later after your move to reflect on your items and what you want to do with them in your own time.

Dolphin Storage has a range of self-storage unit sizes for your needs.

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