What type of flood damage will your insurer cover?

At Dolphin Storage we encourage you to take out insurance on your belongings with a reputable insurer. Preferably an insurance company based in your state. They are quick to get in contact with by telephone and get the correct answers and product information. Stay away from overseas insurance companies,

Some people may assume if you get water damage to your home your insurance policy will cover it.

However, this is not always that case. In the insurance world, the difference between storm and flood is a very important difference that has occupied lawyers and courtrooms to no end.

Most policies distinguish between damage caused by floodwater (waters escaping from rivers, creeks, dams, lakes and other watercourses) and stormwater (water escaping from drains, etc and rainwater which has nowhere else to go).

Some policies exclude, and will not cover or provide limited cover only, for damage caused by floodwater. Flood water exclusions can only be included in a policy if you have been advised in writing of the exclusion.

Also, what appears to be flood can sometimes be stormwater damage and vice versa. Examining the merits of an insurer’s decisions that damage is caused by floodwaters will usually require expert hydrological evidence and legal advice.

Here is some more information on what type of flood your insurance will cover, from CHOICE https://www.choice.com.au/money/insurance/home-and-contents/articles/insurance-code-of-practice-update.

If you are unsure, call your preferred insurer direct.

Which insurance company do we recommend?

A lot of our customers use Midland Insurance Company. Check out their their Self-Storage Financial Services Guide.

Of course your own preferred West Australian Insurance company may suffice.

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