You don’t have to be Mary Kondo, however , yes, there is an art to packing boxes correctly. Efficient packing is critical for any move and will ensure that your goods don’t become damaged, broken – or simply fall straight through the bottom as soon as you pick up the box. These 12 tips are essential for perfect packing.

  1. Use dedicated boxes
    Always use dedicated packing boxes for your move, especially for heavy or breakable items. Packing boxes are strong and secure. Don’t rely on used boxes from the supermarket, which may be designed only for very light items, no matter their large size.
  2. Seal your boxes properly
    The easiest way to avoid degradation and damage of items in winter storage? Always take extra care to thoroughly clean each item and store it correctly.
  3. Pack your least-used items first
    If you start packing early but choose to put aside the belongings you frequently use, you’ll only need to pull them out of the box again. Think carefully about what you do and don’t need close at hand, before you start boxing in advance.
  4. Pack your heavier items at the bottom
    Start filling boxes with the heaviest items and put lighter items at the top. This will require some planning. If you pack heavier items on top, they can crush or break your lighter belongings and also force the box bottom of the box to fall out. It will also make the box more difficult to lift and move if top-heavy.
  5. Dedicated boxes to rooms
    Group your belongings for packing by their particular room in the house to make unpacking quicker and easier. You won’t double-handle boxes or their contents if each one contains items only destined for one room.
  6. Wrap with care
    Use bubble wrap or similar material when packing breakable or delicate items. Don’t just put fragile items straight into the box, even if it seems as if they can’t move around. Even minimal road vibrations during transport can damage the most tightly-packed goods. Use tape to secure the bubble wrap if necessary and group breakable items together with protective paper or bubble wrap between them.
  7. Specialty Boxes
    If you are packing unusual or oddly-shaped items, use a box designed for the task. Specialty boxes are available for items like mirrors, artwork, computers and musical instruments. This will minimise damage because you don’t need to compromise on their security during the move.
  8. Wardrobe transport
    You can use a ‘wardrobe box’ that is specially designed to move clothes. This type of storage is fitted with a hanging rail, meaning you can quickly and easily move your clothes straight out of your wardrobe to hanging storage for transit. But be sure to obey the weight limits, because overfilling can cause these special boxes to break.
  9. Boxes to scale and weight
    Use smaller boxes to pack really heavy items, like wine bottles and books. This will make them easier to carry by one person on arrival and also reduces the risk of box breakage from over-capacity.
  10. Fill the gaps
    If you have multiple items in a single box that don’t fit together easily (like kitchen appliances) fill the gaps firmly with bubble wrap, cloth or paper. This will stop them moving and sliding around during the move and prevent damage.
  11. No cramming
    Be wary of over-packing boxes, as this can cause them to split and spill their contents. Oddly-shaped packing can mean boxes require two people to carry them instead of one, costing you time. Packed boxes should always close flat, without anything poking or bulging out of the top.
  12. No mystery boxing
    Don’t forget to seal and label every box. Seal the tops with tape and label them with your new address and contact details. Write down what each box contains and the room of its delivery. If it holds fragile items, remember to label it ‘FRAGILE’, too.

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