5 create ways to turn your storage unit into profit


If you are personal trainer you might consider this a private meet up place for a few weights training meetings. This will be considerably cheaper than
renting a commercial premises and locking in a lease.  If you are a one on one trainer starting up and your garage is too small.


If your a whizz with Bric-a-Brac and old vintage gear, get selling and advertise on gumtree. Your customers can come and pickup and view all your collectables whilst they are there. Advertise something cheap and have everything already priced with funky tickets and signs.


Set the unit up with a workbench and snazzy tools to do almost any mechanical thing you that your good at. Fixing drones. Building tool boxes, metal or wood work.
You could sell your time for repairs and maintenance.


Offer your goods for sale or hire. If you need to make a few bucks here and there. Just keep turning a profit wheeling and dealing of gumtree. This can be a great hobby that keeps your busy, if your retired and enjoying meeting and people who are in need of a bargain.


Started up an online store. No room at home to store your products.  Fit some great shelving systems and away you go. You can take your lap top with you to track sales and make an efficient, safe and affordable place to store your goods.

Give us a go, because now is the right time. Book here, before you miss out. Please check with the owner of Dolphin Storage if the above suggestions are
permitted by the owner.  Get 50% off, all our self storage units at Dolphin Storage.