We’ve created a quick 4 step how-to guide for storing some common summer items that will help you know what to do regardless of what you need to store.

No matter what you’re storing this summer, follow these next steps. When storing more specific items like BBQ’s and lawnmowers that require special care, keep scrolling for our recommendations.

  1. Decide whats worth keeping

    As you take inventory of the items you’d like to store, first decide what’s worth keeping and what should be donated or tossed. If an item is broken, torn, cracked, or hopelessly rusted, throw it away. If it’s just dirty, faded, or a little rusty, decide whether you want to invest the time to clean it, paint it, or reupholster it. Donate it if the answer is no and add it to your list to store if the answer is yes.

  2. Clean Everything Thoroughly

    The easiest way to avoid degradation and damage of items in winter storage? Always take extra care to thoroughly clean each item and store it correctly.

  3. Figure Out Where You’ll Store Your Items

    Sometimes summer items can be stored in your garage for the winter. However, if you need to make room for your winter clothes, cars, indoor and outdoor furniture, renting a storage unit at Dolphin Storage might be your best answer.

  4. Make Sure to Protect Your Belongings

    So long as they’re covered properly, some items can be left outside. However, even if you’re storing indoors, make sure to utilize furniture covers and blankets to keep things dust-free and protect them from dents, dings and tears.Also, Here are some summer items you might consider storing, so your house can be clutter free.Winter Clothes
    Outdoor Gas Heaters
    Indoor Gas Heaters
    Extra Blankets

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