Do you want to sell your home the most efficient and economically?

Here are 5 easy tips to get your home in tip top condition with the minimum of fuss. Let’s get straight to it.

  1. Hire a Skip Bin and throw out all rubbish, broken furniture, bits of scrap and
    hording items. Be merciful. Are you really going to use that lampshade that was handed down to you by Aunt Melinda? If you can’t toss it, take it to good Sammy’s or St Vincent DePaul’s.
  2. Hire a self-storage unit (dolphin storage) and go to town and clear out all extra furnishings that clog up space, including the junk in the spare bedroom.
    Again, be ruthful. Pack it all away, including clothes, musical instruments, old favourite personal photo frames. Make it as impersonal as you can. Prospective buyers want to image themselves in their future new home.
  3. Store bathroom mats and keep minimal towels in the bathroom. Clear all counter tops and leave 1 or 2 items only. Less is more! Much more! If your house is minimalistic, not only does it look more spacious, but it also looks easy to clean.
  4. Consider hiring a few new pieces of furniture, just to knock the socks off your prospective buyers. Even a beautiful neutral wall print can entice buyers to remember your house. You are competing with the other houses on the marketing. Impressions are lasting, and you want your house to make a positive lasting impression.
  1. No need to renovate your kitchen but if your bench top is mark and stained, replace it cheaply with a new counter top. Laminex with a granite look alike finish, will do the trick.

There you have it., my top 5 tips to stage your home on a budget. There are many more tricks to staging your home, I’m sure you will have new ideas come to you, whilst reading this.  Write them all down and good luck on your mission in a buyer’s market.

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