4 Reasons Why Mandurah Residents Love Dolphin Self Storage

1. Storage is affordable.

Dolphin storage unit prices starting as low as $130 per month, for our 7m2 right through to our 8×3 Self Storage Unit to $300 per month. Then there’s everything in between. You can see our pricing here. Our self storage isn’t only functional it’s affordable. If you find some of our units booked out. Please call though as availability is not far away.

2. Helps declutter.

Self storage not only provides a straightforward way to organize excess stuff, but those who live in overcrowded houses or small units will almost feel sprawling after a trip to self storage. Who would’ve imagined that you’d have so much extra space for your vinyl collection? And all because you parted ways with your textbooks from High School. And the bonus: with the additional living room floor space since you’ve cleared out the boxes, your friends can get their groove on during your next martini night, or maybe play Twister.

3. Extension of your closet.

You love your clothes but don’t love the limited space you have to work with in your tiny apartment. Even after storing your sweaters in the linen closet or maybe your pantry high up, there’s still the odd ball gowns or suits from the past that whole wonderful memories taking up alot of space. Now that it’s the month of May and winter is fast approaching you can store all your short sleeves and summer dresses and shorts and tank tops in your storage unit.

4. Flexible leasing terms.

Need to store some items because you’re in between apartments? Or, maybe you need a reliable place to house some work-related materials for your long-awaited passion project? Rent space for three months or three years. No silly terms or cancellation fees. Take advantage of self storage with month-to-month leases if you’re unsure how long you’ll need it.

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Dolphin Storage is a member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia