How Self-Storage makes life easier for individuals and companies

Individuals and companies can utilise Self-Storage units to save time and money. You might not realise it, but we understand how both personal and business life is changing all the time. We help your life and business flow easier here at Dolphin Storage. Our units are clean and secure, and ready to accommodate your storage needs. There are many reasons why individuals and companies need a self-storage unit. Read our list below to understand how using Dolphin Storage self-storage units could make your life more convenient and efficient.

Self-storage makes life easier for many individuals in the following situations.

  • lack of space in your apartment is a permanent condition
  • a renovation is pending, and bedrooms, office, and living areas need emptying.
  • Someone has to move into a retirement home, and there’s not enough room for their current possessions.
  • you move in together and have everything double, but you don’t want to give anything away (yet)
  • if you’re going to move out as soon as possible after a breakup
  • in the case of inheritance (planning can take place, while all possessions are stored securely)
  • the termination date makes a move-out and a move-in on the same day impossible
  • the new building is not yet ready, but the existing lease has already expired
  • in the event of water damage, you need to clear out your belongings
  • the apartment becomes too tiny for excessive hobbyists and collectors

Self-storage makes life easier for many small and large companies in the following situations.

  • if there is a general shortage of space in the office, warehouse, or archive
  • as seasonal storage, e.g., for the garden furniture of a restaurant during winter
  • as short-term storage in case of fluctuating order situation and correspondingly different storage place requirements
  • as an external archive/file store for the various business documents
  • as external warehouse, e.g., for online shops
  • as a material depot for sales representatives/service employees
  • as interim storage for semi-finished products or spare parts

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