7 Steps To Organising My Self Storage Unit


Before putting everything into a self-storage unit, you want to be sure all items are packed and sorted correctly. When starting packing what you plan on keeping at your storage unit, consider using the same-sized boxes or crates for the majority, if not all, of your items.

As you start packing items into the storage unit, begin with larger, heavier items like furniture and boxes. The boxes that you will most often access should be the last ones packed inside the unit, located close to doors or on shelves that have labels facing outward. Items you will need to access often should be stored toward the front of your storage unit, in bins or boxes with clear labels.

Loading in order

Before you begin loading everything into your unit, you may also want to place a special note or use another colour to draw attention to those boxes, so that you will remember to place them towards the front. Adding labels that are easy to see on the boxes will save you some time later on when trying to get access to your items. When your boxes are labeled, you know exactly what is inside, and do not need to go opening several boxes looking for one item. You should make sure every box and bin used for storage is labeled.

Label your boxes

Put your most-used items in the front of your storage area, use boxes that are all the same size, and label your boxes. When packing, write down the master inventory for each item packed, and label the boxes in which it is placed. As you start your packing process, you will want to keep an accounting of every item on a spreadsheet. You decide on labeling the boxes, and keeping an overall inventory of everything you are packing — including seasonal items and furniture — is essential.

Planning comes first

Once you pack up all of your items into boxes, added labels, and inventoried everything, packing up your units the designated way is easy to forget. Taking a little time to think about how you are packing and organising your storage units right now will spare you from having to dig through a disorganised mess every time you need to locate specific items. Just like a spare closet or room in your home, planning and determination can transform your storage unit into a well-organised place for keeping items you need–not just a cluttered repository for miscellaneous odds and ends. Organising your unit well will make it easy for you to locate items quickly, and it uses the space effectively for as many items as you need.

Make an inventory list

Consult a Self Storage Size Guide to find out what can fit all of the things you are planning on storage, and then choose the next-largest size to give yourself the room to move around and easily retrieve items when needed. Make a list of how much furniture you plan on packing into your storage unit, as well as an approximate estimate of how many boxes and other items you will need to fit. This way, you do not have to open up a box to remember what is in it when you are looking for something in the unit. Labeling may take some additional work in the short run.

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