Why should I store my ATV in a self-storage unit?

ATV’s is a fun and valuable recreation four-wheel bike. If you don’t have a large shed or acreage property to keep it on, it can take up a lot of room in your garage. However, it’s a top-rated off-road vehicle and should ideally be under lock and cover for some of the following reasons.

Protection From Theft and the Elements

Putting aside affordability for ATVs, Quad Bikes and Farm Bikes, accessibility has become very difficult for most Motorsport Shops in Australia. It is not uncommon for ATV stores to wait six months or more for some ATV brands to be delivered, and Honda is exiting the Australian market altogether. So keeping your precious ATV Bike outside exposed to the elements will subject it to wear and tear. Paint fading, rusting, and general dirt can get under the motor. A self-storage unit could be the answer for you when you have no room or are not riding it for a season.

Easy Access for Maintenance

If you like your quiet time to work on the maintenance of your ATV, likewise, a Self-Storage Unit is the place to store it. Clean, safe, secure, peaceful, and free from the elements, with plenty of room to move around your bike, the storage unit is ideal. In addition, your ATV is no longer taking up the space of your second car at home.

Lastly have fun on your ATV

Imagine you want to get away from it all. You and your partner can jump in the car, hitch your trailer, pick up your quad from your storage unit, and head out for a fun day. Think of a beach picnic, ride in the Aussie bush track, out to a lake fishing spot or dune buggy ride. Then when you have finished your romantic day out, leave your ATV at your self-storage unit and head home for a quiet dinner.

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