Car Storage

Need more space at home, then why not store your Car, Caravan, Boat or Trailer. Many people are now taking advantage of self storage facilities here at Dolphin Storage in Pinjarra and the surrounding areas of Mandurah.  Cars, Caravans, Boats and trailers are valuable possessions, so it makes sense to store them in a safe place. Something to think about.

Not enough space in your garage

If you have a spare car that rarely gets driven, you know how frustrating it can be to have it taking up space in your driveway or garage. Instead of maneuvering around it every day, you can move it to self storage and gain back that driveway space.

For those needing a safe place to leave a vehicle while they’re away, vehicle storage can be a great solution. Auto storage helps you avoid parking your car out on the street or in long-term parking.

Car Storage and why you may want to use it

When a vehicle isn’t used often, it turns into an obstacle in your driveway or garage.

Here are a few reasons why people turn to vehicle storage:

  • Restoration Project : You finally might want to get around to restoring your vehicle and need to park it for a short time whilst you get your parts in order.
  • Traveling Overseas: There’s that trip around the world that has finally come up and you have rented your home out in the meantime, leaving the garage free for your temporary guests.
  • Vintage cars and Collectables: You are lucky enough to own multiple cars including that prized Mustang or GTX you cannot let go off.

Please call Debra from Dolphin Storage to discuss your needs and she will work out a viable solution.