Is it okay to place perishables in a self storage unit?

No. No to food and no to plants

To some, this might seem like an obvious no-no, but it’s worth repeating in case you were considering it. The main idea of a storage unit is to place items inside of it you don’t see yourself needing for a certain amount of time. It’s not necessarily a place you’ll want to visit on a weekly basis. Because of that, you should refrain from placing any perishable items inside. That means things such as food or plants should not be placed inside. Remember, you’re only renting the storage space, not buying it to own it. Leaving perishable items inside can make the entire unit start to have a bad smell that your storage provider may tack you for down the line.

Yes: Label All of Your Boxes

While you may think that you’ve organised them properly as you store them, you will come back several weeks/months later and not remember what you put where. That will lead to the infamous task of going through all your boxes just to find one item you desperately need or want. You must label all boxes. To avoid such a hassle in the future, be sure to label all of your boxes in an organised manner. From there, place all your items in a similar category close together so that you know where to look next time you need to retrieve an item or two.

No: Don’t Store Invaluable Items Inside

Everyone has items that they can’t part ways with. The item(s) have too much meaning and backstory to them for you to ever throw them away. However, depending on what that item is, you may or may not feel that you have a place for it in your house. One thing you should never do is place those invaluable belongings inside a self-storage unit. If you can’t bear to lose it, don’t place it inside. While you have storage insurance that will help you during loss, there’s no way to recover the meaning behind the keepsake items that you lost in the process. To avoid such a detrimental blow, be sure to refrain from placing them inside a storage unit.

No: Never Share Your Keys to the Unit

If you rent from a self-storage unit from Dolphin Storage, you will need to purchase your durable lock. Whatever “key” you’re given, be careful about who all you give it out to. Ideally, no one outside of you or your spouse should know the code. If the occasion arises where you need your dad, mom, brother, or sister to swing by and pick something up, then you can give them the key for that purpose. However, if it’s a physical key, be sure to have them return it right away. Also, be sure to purchase a strong and efficient lock for your unit to double-down on the security of your items.

Yes: Do Purchase Self Storage Insurance

Before reading this article, you may not have known that storage insurance even existed. It sure does, and if you’re using a self-storage unit, then you need to invest in insurance for it. Consider it along the same lines as something such as rental insurance for your apartment. You agree to pay rent for your storage unit just as you would for an apartment, and so, as the renter, your insurance will protect your items in the event of damage or loss. This means things such as fire, water damage, theft, or vandalism of your property is completely covered.

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