Make your space stress free from clutter and enjoy delayed satisfaction. 

Here we go into the Australian Summer. It looks like it’s gearing up to be a hot Christmas, and if you want to take advantage of the joy of the holidays approaching and have magical stress free time, why not declutter and set and store for the summer months.

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The right time to sign up for a self-storage unit is now. We are fast approaching 2021 and a new year packed with new experiences with friends, family, and work opportunities. So now is an excellent time to begin.


Studies have shown that an uncluttered environment will create a stress-free time with clear communication. How does one go about making it happen?

Get your pen and paper ready. Write down your desired outcome, so you know your reward is awaiting you. You will appreciate the delayed satisfaction, but it will be well worth the effort when you sit back with your spritzer, water, wine, wearing your togs, and ready to jump in the pool, spa, or Murray river while your prawns are cooking on the barbie.


  1. Call your local shire and book in a mini skip. Check with your local shire. Residents can expect four rubbish bins per year.
  2. Line up a small removal truck or trailer.
  3. Start your declutter one room at a time.
  4. Pack up winter clothes in an airtight box or plastic bag and transfer them to a larger container. Include ornaments and soft toys in the back of drawers.
  5. Resist the urge to get all nostalgic while you are decluttering. Remember your goal; you have a job to get done. You are going to be the envy of your friends. You can look forward to receiving the compliments graciously.
  6. Heavy blankets, winter shoes, and soft toys must go too.
  7.  Be scrupulous. You will be retrieving your items again in the coming months, so have confidence.
  8. The rubbish has to go. Clean out the bathroom drawers and cupboards, the kitchen drawers, and under the sink.
  9. Have a break every half hour, a lovely cuppa tea.
  10. Any big old chairs or lounge suites you want to keep but you’re not using, consider taking to your storage unit as well.
  11. Clean each room as you go before you move to the next room. Your momentum will stay in the forefront, and success is close, not far away.


Take another perusal of your home and open your linen closet and your pantry. Are there boxes and broken equipment hiding under shelves> Does your carport have bags and boxes, old pieces of wood, and power tools that no longer work. Are there old bike chains, winter equipment, or sports equipment you are not using but unsure if you want to keep it.

Yep, do you take it to the self-storage unit or put it on Gumtree?

The feeling you will get from this spring cleaning exercise will soothe your soul. So don’t give up. Keep going.


Get your family involved so they can share this fantastic sense of triumph and achievement. It will make the whole job more manageable.

So now I have shared the basics. Your mini skip bin is full, and your home is looking tidy, smelling fresh, and clean, and ready for entertaining.


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