Sometimes our homes get full of junk, maybe a little junk or maybe a lot. We always mean to spring clean and somehow the drawers become fuller. Sooner or later, the containers we bought from Bunnings with well-meaning intentions to spruce up the place because our favourite guests are coming over for dinner. We make a mad dash for the linen closet with our trusty haul of “extras” and before we know it, our once tidy house has gotten out of control.

Read on for some other benefits of self-storage:

1. Keepsakes we cannot let go off

Some valuable items we can put out of sight, but not out of our lives might be that beautiful Wedding Dress, that we are keeping to hand down to our family members or maybe we want to sell it later as it might value more like a vintage dress. We all have things that we have come to be attached to over the years. Unfortunately, our homes aren’t always big enough to hang on to all of these things. However, if you are willing to box them up and put them into a self-storage facility, they’ll still be accessible for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. When you’re not using these things, you can take them back to your storage facility and forget about them.

Vintage lace wedding dress on a hanger, close-up. White minimalist wall on the background. Modern wedding tendencies.


2. Your Home Will be Free From Clutter

So you have been thinking about how lovely and clean your home will look with a giant makeover and design which creates ample space. You love the minimal look. You’re after that emotional feeling.

Think for a moment how nice it would be not to have to sort through a ton of random stuff to find something you’re looking for. For example, Maybe you have a tonne of blankets you have been keeping, but never use as they belonged to your children who have now grown up or over the years you have accumulated a few too many doona covers. It doesn’t matter why you purchased them. It felt right at the time, right? Well, now you can store and label them and get ready for one almighty garage sale. Keep what you want and sell the rest.

3. Store your Christmas Decorations for one year

When it comes to Christmas decorations, we obviously only use them for a few weeks each year. The rest of the year, they’re in the garage or filling up the broom closet along with the vacuum cleaner and the ironing board. You go to retrieve the mop and it all comes crashing down around you. Rather than sacrificing this space that you could be using, pack things up and put them into a storage facility. When December comes around, you can get everything out and have fun!

4. Put Away Winter Clothing

It’s going to be a long hot summer if you live in Perth WA. You know it oh so well. Every time you go to your wardrobe to put away your clean clothes there they are, the coats, warm trousers, and fleece wear you shudder to even think about its so hot. Image how free and spacious it will feel to open your wardrobe to get dressed, with the minimal of fuss. Less wardrobe clutter frees the mind.

5. Great While Moving Homes or During Vacations

Self-storage units are very helpful to have while moving homes when you need to store your items for a temporary period of time or during extended vacations when you need a safe place for your belongings.

6. Seasoned Collectors

We all have the tendency to amass items with time, but some people hold on to things more than others and are deeply reluctant to throw away their accumulated items, thinking that they will need them in the future. Self-storage units are great solutions for the seasoned “collectors” out there who want to hang on to absolutely all their belongings, and yet still be able to clear up valuable space in their home at the same time.

7. Lifestyle and Hobbies

Many people use self-storage to store items related to their hobbies. Music enthusiasts can store their instruments and other equipment, sports lovers can store items such as golf clubs, erstwhile football or hockey equipment, tennis rackets, paddles, painting supplies, and so much more. We can all agree we would much rather have our visitors focus on us and not on our clutter.

8. Family moving out or downsizing

Sometimes there is a death or a divorce in our families. This is a fact of life that unfortunately is not planned or wanted and a change in the household environment is necessary. Growing children will need a temporary place to store their belongings whether they grow their glory boxes for their new digs, or whether they stay for the next 5 years. Get some moving boxes today and start packing things up. When you’re ready, you can take everything to the storage facility.

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